3 Easy Ways to Extend Your Home

Extending your home can offer you with an opportunity to tailor the property to your current needs as well as increase its value. Here are a few of the more popular options on how to extend your house.

It is not uncommon to discover at some point that your home is no longer working for you. Perhaps your family has outgrown the home, or the layout doesn’t match your furniture restoration Essex and is no longer matching up to your lifestyle. Whatever the reason may be, there are many options available to you. Moving may be an option, but this is usually a very daunting choice, especially when you like your neighborhood and your children are settled in a school nearby. One of the more manageable choices will be to invest your money and time into extending the home. This will result in a home that you need as well as staying in the area that you have come to love.

Here is a list of a few of the more popular extensions, to assist you in making a better decision for your lifestyle or your home.

1. Thinking About a Side Extension

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If your semi-detached or period terrace home still features an original kitchen, in most cases it will be separated from your living room and hidden away in a rear narrow projection called an outrigger or closet wing. This is a rear-projection which typically results in a garden that is L-shaped and a redundant side-return of land to one side of your home.

This layout does not match up to 21st century living and is the main reason why so many homeowners make the choice to extend their kitchens into a side return. When you reclaim this space, you can achieve a family room and open-plan kitchen without having to sacrifice too much space from your garden.

Another good option: If the side-return extensionis regarded as a permitted development, you will not require planning permissions, provided the work satisfies specific criteria. However, all the side-return extensions will require approval under the building regulations. This is different from planning permission, where standards are set for construction and design to guarantee safety. The design you have chosen might need calculations from a structural engineer that you will need to submit with the drawings to form a part of the building regulations application.

You are able to apply for your building-regulations approval through the a local-authority building-control services when you submit a building-notice or full-plans applications.

2. Investing in a Rear Extension

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Another easy way to make more space and to add value to your home is with a rear single-story extension. To ensure your project is a success, you need to ensure you have just the right people for the job from the beginning. A rear single-story extension is relatively simple. However, even the smallest mistake can add costs, delays and stress.

Begin with finding a reputable builder, asking your family or friends for a recommendation. It is also a good idea to check on the projects the builder has already worked on, and never be ashamed to ask as many questions as you like.

Just because rear extensions are straightforward it does not mean it will always go according to plan. There are a few legal steps that you need to adhere to and regardless of the size, a single-story extension might be stressful in order to manage or prone to a costly error.

3. Adding a Conservatory

Conservatories are usually easy and quick to construct and flexible in how you can use them. They are also one of the more cost-effective options on how to extend your property, as long as you have gotten the build-quality right.

Your conservatory needs to last for many years to come and should always be useable regardless of the time of day, allowing for a way to recoup the outlay. A good glass extension will also add significant value to your home if you sell one day. This is because buyers see this as an additional room along with a lifestyle-enhancing space.

Only use reputable companies that are registered with FENSA or the Glass Glazing Federation. Also, make sure they offer you with a guarantee that will cover the primary parts of your build.

If your home already features a conservatory, change this room into a space that stays warm in the months of winter and cool in summer making sure you can use it throughout the year.

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