Hemp Oil – Learn About Its Benefits For The Skin

Hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, is effective in the treatment of several skin issues that include rashes, redness, burns, acne, eczema, etc. on the skin. Due to the potent action of hemp seed oil in treating skin issues, it is added in the preparation of a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products available over the counter.

In this article, we are going to tell you more about the advantages of CBD in the body.

What is Hemp?

Cannabis is an umbrella term that refers to a family of plants. Hemp is one of the varieties present within the family. The other varieties include cannabis and marijuana.

Alleur is a trusted supplier of superior quality hemp lotion that is purely vegan, cruelty-free a and recyclable. This lotion is effective in treating a wide range of skin issues that are caused due to inflammation in the body.

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil is procured from pressing the cannabis plant seeds. The unrefined form of hemp seed oil has a dark green color. It has a mild nutty aroma. A refined form of hemp seed oil does not provide any smell but contains several skin-health advantages. Hemp seed oil is viewed to be a potent skincare ingredient.

In addition to it, this oil is also advantageous in cooking. The best part of the hemp seed oil is that it has low amounts of THC (<0.03%) that does not give you any high feeling. Due to this reason, it is considered to be completely safe and legal for use in skincare products.

Hemp seed oil is composed of a wide range of compounds. CBD is one of them. It is present in almost all parts of the plant that includes its seeds, flowers, leaves, and stalk.

What are the skincare benefits of Hemp-extracted CBD oil?

CBD is a chemical compound that is present in marijuana and hemp varieties of the cannabis plants. This oil is naturally abundant in CBD. As this oil is infused with the goodness of CBD, it is used in the preparation of several skincare products and cosmetics. Some of its benefits include:


Hemp seed oil is the most effective moisturizer that when applied gives you smooth and soft skin naturally. The remarkable emollient properties of the skin add youthful elasticity in the skin.

Antioxidant Qualities

Hemp seed oil comprises of vital antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E and fatty acids like gamma-linolenic acid. The application of this product gives protection to your skin against premature aging.


Hemp oil shows effective anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve inflammation in the skin.

Effective Antibacterial Qualities

Due to the potent antibacterial qualities of hemp seed oil, it is considered to be a natural treatment to treat several skin conditions that includes eczema, acne, rosacea, skin cancer, and psoriasis.


The natural and effective properties of hemp oil make it a potent treatment for the cure of a wide range of skin issues. Due to its safe effect on the skin, it is used in the formulation of various types of skincare routine in the body.

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