How You Can Find Various Leaks in Your Plumbing Systems?

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You can surely save plenty on your water bill by detecting you’re the water leaks and getting them repaired timely. Often in many cases, you may not even know that there are water leaking taking place.

Therefore, a best way of checking whether you really have any leak in your Sydney house will be to check regularly your water meter. In case you are not aware where your water meter is located, you may call Sydney plumbers, who can help you.

Usually you will be able to detect water leak by looking at following few signs too.

  • Soft or mushy type of ground in the backyard
  • Water coming from footpath or driveway
  • Around your property you may notice water pooling
  • Water stains on footings of the walls

How to check meter for leak?

Following are the step by step approach of detecting leaks on the pipelines of your home.

  1. First of all, turn off all the appliances and fixtures that are using water both inside as well as outside your home or business. During the period when you are testing, do not use any water.
  2. Try to locate the water meter, which is fitted in front of your house that will usually be in a plastic or concrete box near the edge of the road. Now open the lid, and you will find meter box that may possibly be full of water and dirt.
  3. Check to see whether the leak indicator has any movement. Based on your brand of meter, the leak indicator may be small dial of triangular shape or small wheel which rotates when water will flow through the meter.

In case you find your dial is moving, then chances are that there is a leak.

4. In case you are not too sure, then record the current reading. Now after about half an hour, check the reading by making sure that no water has been used during this period. If you find plenty of difference in the reading then there are few leaks in the system.

5. Now try to locate the main shut-off valve and then shut off the water from the line. Quite possibly you have to search for locating the main shut off valve.

6. Now again check your leak indicator for any movement or if you find difficulty then use the same meter reading method as explained above. Again, make sure that no water is used during that period.

7. If you find that the leak indicator has stopped movement or no change in reading of the meter is found, then there is a leak inside your house.

8. However, if you notice that the leak indicator still continues to move further or there is change in the reading of meter, then the leak must be outside between the meter and your house.

9. You may call your plumber in case you are still not able to ensure where the leak is.

As we know, water is a limited resource and hence it is our responsibility to preserve water and should not allow wastage due to leaking.

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