Public Health Advice to Break Myths Regarding COVID-19 Infection

The world has taken a big hit as Corona virus infection is spreading globally, having already affected more than 200 countries. Although many countries have successfully restrained the outbreak of this virus, some of them have shown a second surge. There are also many cases of recovery.

The global condition is quite uncertain and every day new cases are being confirmed. Thus, it advised to stay updated on the latest news. For authentic information on the outbreak go to the official website of WHO and stay connected to the national and local public health authority. Now, look at some public health advice on myths concerning the corona virus outbreak –

  1. You cannot discern COVID-19 infection with thermal scanners

Thermal scanner will work only for what it is intended i.e. detect your body temperature. If you have high temperature, it can be due to various other reasons. Monitor your condition and call for medical help if needed.

  1. If properly worn, surgical masks do not deprive oxygen

Using surgical masks for a long time can be really uncomfortable. See that it properly fits and leave enough room to breathe. It will never lead to oxygen deficiency and CO2 intoxication. Do not re-use this kind of disposable masks and dispose it conscientiously. Change it immediately if it gets moist. Don’t use mask while exercising.

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  1. There are no medicines that can prevent or cure corona virus

The trials are going on but no medicine has been yet developed. Misuse of drugs like hydroxychloroquine can lead to serious side effects and sometimes even death. Vaccines against pneumonia are ineffective against corona virus.

  1. All age group of people can be affected by the COVID-19 infection

Misconceptions like only the olds are at risk or children are not at risk are misleading. However, it is true that, the older people and people with pre-existing medical condition and chronic illness are prone to get infected.

  1. Drinking alcohol in no way prevents COVID-19

Thinking that alcohol content in your body will protect you against the virus is really silly. On the other hand, it can pose threat to your health.

  1. High temperature does not protect from COVID-19

Exposing yourself to scorching sun and bathing in hot water does not prevent infection. Tropical countries also have many confirmed cases of infection. Taking a bathing in extremely hot water can burn your skin.

  1. Do not use ultra-violet lamps on your skin to disinfect

UV radiation can damage your skin and eyes. Washing with soap or rubbing with alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the most effective way to kill the virus.

  1. Spraying or introducing disinfectant in your body has no effect against the virus

Under no circumstances can you spray bleach or other disinfectant on your body. It is poisonous if ingested and can cause skin irritation and damage to eyes.

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