Brief Information About Bubbler Bong Structure and Types


World civilization has been using smoking pipes like pipes and bongs for centuries. The difference in Yesteryears and today’s pipes is the material used. Yesteryear pipes were made from wood, bamboo, clay, ivory, or antlers. Today, users get to choose from glass metal, wooden, silicone, ceramic, etc. The need for a portable bong was the reason bubbler pipes got invented. They are easy to carry in the pocket than the traditional bong.


In the late 1900s, glass bubblers were made available in the market. Glass blown techniques got perfected and were accepted as genuine artwork. Hand-blown glass bubblers look beautiful when displayed on your home shelf. Glass bubblers are preferred a lot because –


  • They tolerate extreme heat and offer better performance than other types.
  • They last for years with proper care.
  • Glass pipes produce smooth and clean flavored vape than the other types.
  • Taste of the herbs does not get tainted with glass like a wood pipe adds woody flavor.

Bubble pipe structure


There are different kinds of bubblers, but a few things each one has in common, but sizes may differ.


  • Bowl – Dry herbs are placed here and heated
  • Water chamber – It is filled with water and allows the smoke to get clean and cool before rising up
  • Stem with one end open – Smoke travels up the stem after it gets filtered through the water chamber


Bubblers can differ in shape, size, design, style, and colors, but everyone has these three basic components. The working principle is also the same. Water filters the smoke, and inhalers enjoy the hit without big particles and harshness. On, you will get different types of bubbler bongs. You can even choose hand-blown glass bubbler fashioned into artistic shapes.

Onlookers can mistake it to be an artwork!


Types of bubblers




It looks like a hammer. It rests firmly on a flat surface without any concerns about rolling over.




The popular detective Sherlock Holmes was a fan of pipes, and generally, everyone has seen him on TV enjoying his smoke. The Sherlock pipes look a lot like the hammer bubbler, but its stem is curved in an ‘S’ shape.




It features a mouthpiece and a stem attached to the water chamber side instead of coming straight like in a hammer bubbler. There were complaints about water splash-back, so sidecar bubbler got created.




It is a little bubbler designed for convenience. It has a ring, which allows you to insert a string and wear it around your neck.




Concentrate bubblers are designed especially for smoking essential oils and concentrates rather than the dry weeds.


Double bubblers


There are two chambers rather than one. The smoke gets filtered twice, so you get extra smooth, clean, and cool hit.


Glass bubbler pipe cost


The price widely varies so selection can be confusing. the major characteristic that determines the bubblers price include –


Material type – Non-scientific glass bubbler is cheaper than the ones made with borosilicate glass.


Color – More colors means more expensive.


Detailing – More detailed work on the pipe increases the price.


Production method – Hand was blown, or artisanal quality gets priced higher than the mass-produced bubblers.


Brand – Generic brands cost less than the branded bubblers.

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