How You Can Prevent Clogging and Maintain Your Drain Clean?

You must always remember that the best way to prevent clogged draining is to be very careful about things that you put into the drain. Your cooking grease, hair, coffee grounds and soap scum actually are 4 biggest enemies of the drain. You should do almost anything to avoid putting any such items into your drain.

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Following are few dos and don’ts that you must follow to maintain your drain always clean.

Few do’s

  1. Always save cooking grease in a cardboard milk container or old coffee can and then dispose it in the trash.
  2. You must either throw away entire coffee grounds inside the garbage or you can add them to the mulch pile.
  3. Install either a drain-grate or screen to cover your drain opening to minimize problems with soap scum or hair. Try to choose an appropriate fixture by visiting to any local plumbing-supply store. Better take a picture of your drainage system to explain your requirements.
  4. After each use, try to run hot water in the sink. For running down your drain, hot water will help in running down oils of the food products inside the drain, instead of building upon your interior pipe surfaces, which can always make drains very sluggish and create clogs.
  5. Take some baking soda and throw into the drain, then pour hot water. Not only baking soda is an awesome cleaning agent, but also great for absorbing any foul smell and leave your entire drain pipes with almost rose like smell.
  6. Pour one cup of vinegar in the drain and allow it to remain for 30 minutes. After that, chase it down by using very hot water.

Few don’ts

  1. Though chemical drain cleaners will remove blockages in the drain and toilet, but they can always lead to certain costly repair. By using highly concentrated chemicals, your pipe material may also get dissolved. Instead of that use auger or drain snake to break or prevent the clogs.
  2. Many of you will be tempted to use the DIY method for drain cleaning and use tool by just straightening an old hanger, or long stick. This may cause more problems rather than solving, as clog may not break by pushing and may end up go even deeper down your drain.
  3. Never take lightly about drain inspection as detecting the problem at an earlier stage is very important. Often people do not give any priority to regular drain cleaning activities, and as a result, suddenly drain clogging becomes such a major issue that you have to spend lots of time and money to  resolve the issue.

By following the above do’s and don’ts, you can save yourself from plenty of headaches of sudden and messy problems of drain clogging off and on.

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