Underground Concrete Tank Can Save Your Space and Water

For human survival, water is one of the most essential commodites that is becoming scarce day by day. Since the beginning of human civilization, people have been building their settlements as per water availability. However, rapid human growth in urban areas and cities such as Sydney has put great strain on the reserves of natural water.

Although municipalities are doing their best for providing water supply to entire residents, few factors are getting totally beyond their control may lead to shortages. Such factors are:

  • Prolonged drought
  • Water contamination
  • Extreme heat
  • Various logistical challenges.

Uncertainties in water supply in many parts of Australia have compelled people to invest in underground storage tanks for water. These storage tanks can offer us little freedom from the shortages of water supply, particularly during crises.

You can save space and water with an underground concrete tank supplied by the Sydney Water Tanks which is an Australian water tank manufacturing company. They have a professional team of very highly skilled and experienced Engineers too.

Few benefits of underground concrete tanks

  1. Reserve water supply

During rainy seasons, you can fill the underground water tank and use the reserves during water shortages. Shortages can always be caused due to pipe burst and other kinds of logistical challenges. With a reserve water supply, you can remain free from water woes.

  1. Lower utility bills

You can use water for your lawns, fill your pool, or wash your driveways by paying no extra cost. No more need to be concerned about your monthly water bills etc.

  1. Adds value to the property

The availability of extra water storage can always be a significant value addition to your property. While reselling, you can get a good price just because of having underground water tanks. Nobody likes to modify the design of any old used house. So, your tank can offer you a better competitive edge over any other sellers.

  1. Alternative uses for the yard

Installing your underground tank made of concrete will allow you to make alternative use of your yard. Since concrete is a very strong building material hence you can use its top area in any way you like.

  1. Rainwater harvesting

You can use your storage tanks for harvesting rainwater. Often heavy rainwater runoff may cause soil erosion that can damage ecosystems and can endanger wildlife.

  1. Maintain steady temperature

Water stored underground will always maintain a very steady temperature both during summer as well as winter seasons.

Few disadvantages

Having said this, there are few disadvantages too.

  1. Higher Cost

The cost of installation of any underground water tank can be a little higher as compared to overground tanks. Besides, you will also need a pumping system.

  1. Difficult to maintain

In case any crack gets developed in the underground tank then not only it is difficult to identify, but also repairing can be a challenge.

Concrete tanks due to the nature of their material will never affect water quality or taste. So, underground concrete tanks will surely help in better management of water resources.

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